Another journey to London for yet another interview.

I had a few hours to waste so I thought I would have a wander to see Battersea Power Station.


Newcastle, 55 degrees north

Everyone has a place where they store their empty boxes.

Tunbridge Wells train station

What a pleasant place it is and I’ll be seeing you again real soon.

I don’t even like cats…..

The old Worswick Street bus station which closed in 1998.

July 2013 - London

To this day, I still can’t really remember much from that day. That’s what happens when you drink 3 litres of the finest slightly sparkling perry before you’ve even reached the bar. The stories I’ve been told are amazing yet slightly worrying.

I don’t even know how I managed to take this photo to be honest. But I’m glad I did. These are some of the best pricks that I’ve met. Well, apart from the lass with the shades on and curly hair.

I’m unsure if she even has a vagina.

Good times!

High Bridge, Newcastle

If you ever find yourself toddling along this street you have to hit the Beehive for a cheeky pint.

Prague - Feb 2013