If my life ended up like this, I would be pleasantly happy.
Quaint little house and a Land Rover Defender.

Now, If Natalie Portman got thrown in as a bonus that would be swell too. 

Barcelona, June 2014

On the way up to Beachy head, I thought I would have a cheeky 5 minute stop on a little bench and finish off my sandwich.

Ended up being a nice spot with a canny good view. The sandwich wasn’t bad either.

Beachy head, Eastbourne

Lighthouse. Not bad.

Beachy Head, Eastbourne. 

Not a bad view and even comes with a lighthouse at the bottom of the cliff. Some people love this place that much that they try to end their life here, it’s known as one of Britain’s most infamous suicide spots. 

With a couple lads from work telling be about this spot and some of the stories, I did feel quite eerie walking about for a little bit. Noticing small little crosses on the cliff edge which did make me clench my bum cheeks when I looked down.


David Attenborough would be proud.

Moss. I call it Kate.

You can feel the donkey’s sadness.

If only I was Doctor Dolittle.